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Without volunteers, there would be no Friends of the Public Library.

Through the sale of books and other media, Friends help raise funds that support our mission and numerous library programs.


Initial Book Sorting

Volunteers are needed to help sort books that are donated to the library. This is the first pass the Friends take to sort through donations. The task requires bending to retrieve books out of bins and quickly making two initial assessments. One, identify items that can be sold at the Friends' book sales or recycling items that can’t. Second, sort the books into fiction, non-fiction, and additional categories in preparation for the second sort and pricing. 

Volunteers will receive training to understand what can and can’t be sold. Training will be held on Wednesdays between 10 AM - 2 PM, but alternative arrangements can be made if necessary. Volunteers can work within the existing schedule to determine their ongoing  regular weekly shift, between 10 AM - 2 PM weekdays and possibly Saturdays.  

Volunteers receive free parking, and like all City of Albuquerque volunteers, a background check is required.

Book Sale Setup and Cleanup

This is a great opportunity for a young person looking to build their resume with volunteer experience! 

Volunteers are needed to help set up and take down tables and books before and after our monthly book sales. This involves moving books from shelves in the Friends’ storage area to the community room where sales are held (and vice versa). Books will be placed onto and removed from carts for transportation, which involves bending and lifting. Portable tables occasionally require moving as well.

During sale cleanup, we will also need help recycling some books. This would require loading the books into a bin, taking the freight elevator, and unloading the books into the industrial recycling bin at the back of the library. Volunteers will work under the supervision of experienced volunteers and staff.

Sale setup is between 10 AM - 4 PM on the Thursday and Friday prior to each book sale, which is on the second Saturday of the month.

Sale cleanup is on the Tuesday and Wednesday following the sale between 10 AM - 4 PM.

Although we would prefer a regular commitment, we do not expect volunteers to work during every shift. Volunteers receive free parking, and like all City of Albuquerque volunteers, a background check is required.


Volunteers sort, price, and arrange books for the book sales or work in the Bookshop. The Friends’ Coordinator trains new volunteers and helps them find the right niche.

All volunteering takes place at the Main Library during the day. Volunteers receive free parking. 

In additional to the regular roles at the library, volunteers are also needed for special events and specific tasks, such as membership database maintenance and social media efforts. There is flexibility in the time and location of these volunteer opportunities. 


(505) 768-5167

Because of possible conflicts of interest, book dealers are not accepted as volunteers.

Like all City of Albuquerque volunteers, a background check is required.


Board members provide oversight to ensure that the regular book sales and additional fundraising activities of the Friends are devoted to the Friends' mission to support the library and the public's use of library resources. Meetings are every other month in the evening. If you're interested, email pres@friendsofthepubliclibrary


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