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Without volunteers, there would be no Friends of the Public Library. Through the sale of books and other media, 55 Friends volunteers and one part-time coordinator raise the money that funds library programs, staff development and much more.

Friends volunteers are a highly diverse bunch. In their work lives, they have been physicists and business people, engineers and teachers, nurses and performers, psychologists and nonprofit administrators. What they all share is a love of books and an appreciation of public libraries.

Those who volunteer tend to stay for decades. Right now, many have been serving for more than 15 years—and a couple for over 30. They stay because they know that their work is important and because they enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow volunteers—and readers.

The What, When & Where of Volunteering

Volunteers sort, price and arrange books for the monthly book sales or they work in the Friends Bookshop. Melissa Carlisle, the Friends’ coordinator, trains new volunteers and helps them find the right niche (another reason volunteers tend to stay).

  • All Friends’ volunteering takes place in the Main Library, 5th St. & Copper Ave., downtown.
  • Volunteers receive vouchers for nearby free parking. (And there is a very good sandwich shop at the entrance to the library for a convenient lunch.)
  • All volunteer hours are in the daytime. Most volunteers work one half-day or more a week in the bookshop or in the back. Volunteers who can work just one or two days a month are also needed.
  • The Friends Bookshop is presently open Monday – Friday, Noon - 4:00 pm (except holidays).

To discuss volunteering, contact Coordinator Melissa Carlisle at (505) 768-5167. Because of possible conflict-of-interest, book dealers are not accepted as volunteers. Like all City of Albuquerque volunteers, a background check is required.

The Board of Directors is currently recruiting new members. Board members attend board meetings, usually at 5 pm, every other month and contribute to the Friend’s mission with their individual interests and skills.